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The LiliumPaschal Candle, a name taken from the Latin for lily features a handsome fleur-de-lis cross at the heart of its design. An ancient and regal symbol of the Holy Trinity, the fleur-de-lis reminds us of the glorious divinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and is exquisitely expressed here in royal blue with accents of gold leaf. The ornamental bands, decorated with bronze medallions of the Agnus Dei and the Chi Rho monogram of our Lord, are beautifully adorned with bees a symbol of sacrifice celebrated in the Easter Exsultet. Individually hand-crafted, each Lilium candle is a truly majestic celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord and the gift of eternal life.

This exquisite design celebrates the Kingship of Christ the King of all humankind, King eternal, King of all kings, King of the ages, and Lord of all creation. Featuring the triumphant Christ as the centerpiece of a Gothic rose window, artisans carefully apply all-natural, fine metal leafing to recreate the brilliant, illuminated look of traditional stained glass. The Christ the King design is further enunciated by the presence of both the intertwined Alpha Omega and the Agnus Dei framed within classic quatrefoil designs.

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