Childrens Liturgy of the Word 2022-2023 A Weekly Resource


With Children’s Liturgy of the Word, prayer leaders will find liturgically and doctrinally sound practices and content to help lead children in a prayerful and fruitful liturgical celebration of the Word of God. Both ordained and lay leaders of prayer can prepare for each week using the in- depth Scripture background commentaries and liturgy preparation pages. Guides include age-appropriate homilies and reflections as well as prayers of the faithful, making this an easy and time-saving resource for every week.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word covers each Sunday and holyday of obligation of the school year from the Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 28, 2022) through the Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 27, 2023). This resource includes:


  • An overview of the season
  • Weekly guides for leading and preparing the liturgy, including dismissal texts, centering prayers, and closing prayers
  • Suggestions for the liturgical environment and music
  • Weekly Scripture citations and commentary on all three readings and the responsorial psalm
  • Doctrinal connections from the catechism and other Church documents
  • Weekly Scriptural connections to Church teaching and tradition
  • Weekly reflections for the children's Liturgy of the Word


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